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Crystal Morrison Prentice - Kannapolis, North Carolina

Crystal Morrison Prentice, 31, from Kannapolis, North Carolina was last seen around 1 p.m. on Thursday, Aug. 23, walking on International Drive near the intersection of Davidson Highway in Concord after leaving work at Connextions Recruiting.

Prentice was at work when she suddenly walked out the door and started walking down International Drive.  She has not been seen since.

Rick Morrison, Crystal’s father contacted Concord Police on Friday morning to report her missing.

Crystal is 5’2” tall, 10 0pounds, with blonde and red hair, blue eyes and wear contacts.  She has piercings in her eats and a tattoo on the back of her neck that says Kyson. a

She was wearing a white blouse with black flower print, black dress pants, black open-toe dress shoes and had her black purse and ID with her. She was not carrying a cell phone.

She wears silver jewelry and may be wearing silver rings on both hands and a silver necklace with a three-tier pendant with single diamond. She has asthma and requires daily medication and an inhaler.

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